Thank Heaven for Little Girls (& the Mommies Who Raise Them)

Life has been crowded as of late and blogging is the first thing to go when it is. I hope to get back up to speed soon – I’m tired of jotting incendiary notes to myself and need to post a few things. When I say that life is crowded, I mean that for the first time ever in my life I am outnumbered by females in my own home.

As of March 9th, the girls number 3 and the boys, 2. Though I remain the head of it, my household feels a bit more sugar and spice and everything nice than it ever has – certainly more than I’m used to.

My wife has tried to allay my fears, assuring me that it’s probably for my own good.Perhaps it’s an incubator for skills like sensitivity and emotional empathy? Truth be told, those qualities sound like generally unproductive things to cultivate. But, as usual, I’m sure she’s right. With all the X-chromosomes under our roof now, may there is a new and improved, kindler and even gentler version of me to come in the years ahead.

Notwithstanding the impact on my masculinity, the realization of all the ladies in my life sure has impacted my prayers for them. For my daughters, with all the pressures of our depraved society – see Underwear, Discernment, and Truly Bright Young Things – I pray that they grow to understand the demonic lies and truly female belittling impulses behind them all. And I plan to loudly point them out on the road ahead. You see, dressing like a prostitute is not “liberating,” it’s quite enslaving and is no aspiration for one’s daughters.

I also pray that, like their namesakes’, they may lead the Lord’s people to praise His triumphs (Exod 15:20-21) and may discern who comes in the name of the Lord and who is just a “worthless fellow” (1 Sam 25:3, 25-28) – and that they flatly refuse to suffer the latter. I pray that they are doctrinally-astute and, if I’m honest, pick-up a bit of their father’s general intractability in matters of the Bible and theology. I think this is good counsel: if you have daughters, teach them the catechism.

What these prayers mostly mean is that I’m praying for the chief female in my home, my Ezar (see Gen 2:18). For my wife is the most formative theologian that the other two women may ever have. Most Christians should be able to say:

For all the Calvin or Vanhoozer or Horton I quote, the deepest roots of my theological instincts can probably be tracedbackto my moms early instruction in the faith.

Read 5 Things My Mom Taught Me About Theology.

Fortunately, my wife already has a leg-up on the task ahead. She has a wonderful distaste for the average drivel that’s peddled to Christian women. You know, the books with all the flowers and tea-cups on the cover. And she has a heart to praise the Lord and discerningly refuses to suffer fools herself. Seriously, people think I get to the point, but let me tell you, my wife will cut it straight for you.

So, I mostly pray for the woman who bravely agreed to sit under my shadow, for better or worse, 11 years ago, next month (Song 2:3). She’s a terrific mother and a great theologian. And if the Lord enables her to reproduce herself in her daughters, then all my other prayers will be answered.

I do thank heaven for my little girls and the theologically-grounded mommy who’s giving her life to help them know what it means to glorify God and enjoy Him forever as discerning Christian women. In the end, I guess it’s not a bad thing to be outnumbered by them in your own home.

5 thoughts on “Thank Heaven for Little Girls (& the Mommies Who Raise Them)

  1. ” And if the Lord enables her to reproduce herself in her daughters, then all my other prayers will be answered.” ahw – {sniff, sniff} just beautiful!

  2. Well said…moms truly are the unsung heroes.

    Keep having more daughters, Steve, and we’ll accept you to the Dad of Daughters Club where you can blazon your pink halo with pride…


    • Thanks, Jon! I can only aspire to your club at this point… is there a secret handshake too?

      • Thanks for the encouraging post Steve, as usual. Mostly the secret handshake is being comfortable carrying small pink princess or pony apparel 😉 At least so far anyway.

  3. We plan on having like six boys, so we need lots of young girls in the church for them to marry…unless they freely choose the gift of singleness 😉

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