In Christ, God Is Our God and We Are His People

Next Lord’s Day, I hope to complete expositions in Luke’s early history of the Lord Jesus and His forerunner, John the Baptist, in Luke 2:21-52. It is astounding how Luke unfolds the more profound and incomparable events in these chapters – no less our Lord’s genuine humanity as a boy in the latter portion of ch. 2. I have found no end to meditating on them and neither do I expect that to change.

With the coming of God the Son as a man, God’s promises are coming to fulfillment. Robert Letham expounds on the profundity by connecting God’s central promise and its fulfillment in Jesus:

The central promise of God’s covenants is the repeated statement in each covenantal administration, ‘I will be your God; you shall be my people.” It is seen in Genesis 17:7-8 in the Abrahamic covenant, in Jeremiah 11:4 in connection with the Mosaic covenant, in Jeremiah 24:7 with the return from Babylonian exile in view, and in Jeremiah 30:22; 31:33; and 32:38 pointing forward to the new covenant [hey, don’t leave out Ezekiel 11:20; 14:11 and 36:28!]. It features also in Revelation 21:3 in the vision of the glorious bride of Christ. This is the heart of all God’s covenants, the promise of God and his people at one in covenant fellowship.

All these promises come to a head in Jesus Christ, who fulfills all of God’s covenants. God is our God in Jesus Christ…. All of God’s covenant promises come to fulfillment and fruition in Jesus Christ.

… Furthermore, not only is God our God in Christ, but in Christ we are God’s people – He is the One who perfectly replies as man to God in faith and obedience. We cannot be God’s people in ourselves, since we are by nature sinners and deserving of God’s wrath. Thus, our election before the foundation of the world is in Christ, and so our whole salvation is in Christ, too (Union with Christ, pp. 36-37).

The Son of God became the Son of Man to reveal God to us as our God and to redeem us to Him as His people. Or as Simeon declared upon embracing our Lord as an infant:

for my eyes have seen your salvation
that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples,
a light for revelation to the Gentiles,
and for glory to your people Israel (Luke 2:30-32)

It is beyond measuring or quantifying, God’s promised salvation has come in Jesus Christ, who reveals and redeems. All of God’s promises find their “Yes!” in Jesus – and only in Jesus (2 Cor 1:20). You can only wonder and worship, which is not unlike the first people who heard it (Luke 2:33, 51).

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  1. Although God’s election is amazing and brilliant, it boggles my mind the whole concept of election. Having said that I’m glad was in the book of life. Can’t wait for Sunday’s sermon.

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