EBooks? Yes, Indeed

So, I caved about a year ago and started reading via Kindle. Like most compromises in my life, this too was not my fault. A friend kindly gifted me a Kindle Touch, so I took it with me to Africa, where it proved it’s (lack of weight) in gold.

Now, I’m a committed eBook reader because they’re…

Portable. I’d have never gotten John Owens’ Works, not to mention Edwards’, to Africa and still had room for clothes. So eBooks are great for packing a lot lightly. Since modern pastoral ministry often has one scattered across the region, having resources at the touch of a button is incredibly handy. Now that even Banner of Truth is getting in on eBooks, it’s only going to get better!

eBooks will never replace my sweet-smelling hardbacks, but they’re a wonderful addition.

Cheap. Publishers give great books away on eBook version. Take Ligonier’s current give-away with Phillips’ What’s So Great About the Doctrines of Grace? along with Sproul’s Crucial Questions series. There’s always a ton of great $2-3 deals, too. For example, the following are all under $4 with some as low as $2:

These are all great books, hundreds of dollars worth, at amazing prices. This is more than any good book lover could resist. That’s not to mention the number of periodicals that are available in this format (like Modern Reformation & The Briefing) – some now exclusively so, like Themelios, Credo, Jonathan Edwards Studies, and even Master’s Seminary Journal).

I see my Kindle replacing the cheap paperback and periodicals that I’ll typically read once. Why clutter my study with them? In this way, the eBook format helps leave room for those lifetime reference works, the big, fat hardbacks that I love so much.

Functional. Ever tried to shush your crying infant while turning pages of a book? It’s difficult. But when you can strap it to your hand, turn pages with your thumb, even the most inconsolable baby need not keep you from redeeming the reading-time!

That’s probably why my wife has since co-opted my Kindle Touch. She’s enjoying Butterfield’s Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, turning mommy time into semper reformanda time.

So now that I’m convinced of the affordability, portability, and functionality of eBooks, and my wife is slowly making the Kindle Touch her own, I broke-down to invest in the Kindle Fire HD (now on a rare sale), which will also give me convenient access to my Logos Library wherever I am.

Ebooks may not be as revolutionary as Guttenberg nor will they ever replace actual books. I still love the smell and feel of being surrounded by walls of paper in my study – but being able to shove that study in your bag on the cheap only makes it better. So eBooks? Yes, indeed. I’m in.